nursing+teething+growing=tired mom

This nursing day is hard.

My baby is teething. Consequently nursing the life out of me. I think she is also having a growth spurt. Growth spurts always seem to take a lot out of my body. I am working on getting a blog and all my social media accounts set up. With my toddler wanting to nurse all day. It is way more stressful than I thought it would be. Thankfully my hubby is willing to help me. Otherwise I don’t think it would ever get done.

My husband is having new challenges of his own. He got braces today. That is a hard decision to make as a 32 year old. The dentist told him better to get it done now. By prolonging, it will only make things worse. Not only did he get braces, he got spacers. Which make it hard to chew most anything. My new challenge is to figure out what foods he can eat. So all these things make me feel tired, but I am deeply blessed. I have a beautiful daughter that I am able to comfort by nursing and I have a wonderful husband who loves me and encourages me. So even if I feel like this day is more than I can handle I consider it a win.
How do you handle those days that seem to be bigger than what you can handle?

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