Baby gear, the search can be overwhelming

Baby Gear, what do I need???

My search began at a baby consignment sale.The search for the perfect baby gear can be overwhelming as a new mom

Awesome deals can be found at these sales. That is, if you know what you are looking for. I remember the first baby consignment sale I ever attended. There I was, halfway through my pregnancy and very excited to start buying baby gear.

My adventure started in a very full parking lot. Being pregnant I suddenly had the urge to pee. Shocker! After 10 minutes of searching for a parking spot with no luck and the urge to pee growing stronger I finally saw a man walking to his car. He had a few bags and his baby in a stroller. I was worried he would take forever to load his stuff into his car. To my delight he installed babies car seat in a flash. Folded and loaded the stroller in what seemed like one smooth motion and tossed in the shopping bags all within a mater of minutes.

After seeing this phenomenon I kept wondering what kind of stroller set up he had and knew that was what I wanted! And I was determined to find it, at the baby consignment sale.

This sale was huge!

There were moms everywhere and a line of people making purchases out the door. Where do I even start??? Since I now knew the type of stroller I wanted I decided to start there. There were probably 100 strollers. In my overwhelmed state they suddenly all looked the same. I found a few that were the click connect system and played around with them to make sure I liked them. Perfect, except which one do I chose? Is this really a good price? I wonder what it’s Amazon rating is??? 

With all these questions running through my head I decided to step away from the strollers and do more research before I buy anything. Instead I thought it would be good to look at other sections of the sale.

My head began to spin as I saw the many things I needed to research.

What kind of playpen should we get? Will baby use a co-sleeper? Eating is important, I guess I should look at the high chairs. What kind of diaper bag should I use? How early can baby use a swing? Bumbo, what the heck is that?

First time mom friends, I recommend that you do not attend your first consignment sale alone and pregnant. .
Later that evening I told my husband how I became totally overwhelmed at the sale and had no idea what to buy. That is when I remembered the dad with the click connect stroller. I decided the whole ordeal was worth it because I knew what kind of car seat and stroller set up I wanted. It wasn’t much but at least it was a start.

Can you relate?

Can any other mamas relate to the overwhelm that comes when you first start looking for baby gear? Are you currently that mama? Stay tuned. I will be sharing how I had the perfect stroller picked out, until I tested it out in the store and hated it! As well as my Top 10 Baby Gear Must Haves.

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