Essential Guide to Dealing with Post-Holiday Blues

Let’s beat the holiday blues!

Today’s post was written by the lovely Zara Lewis. We first heard from Zara back in November of 2016 when she shared Best sport activities to strengthen the family bonds.  Zara is a mother of two, designer and promoter of healthy living. She enjoys hiking, cycling yoga and cooking. You can read more of Zara’s great tips at High Style Life where she is a regular contributor. You can also follow her on twitter. I am honored to have her share her helpful tips here on shortsweetmom.

The Holiday season must be the happiest time of year, when everything is cheerful and everyone is around.Essential Guide to Dealing with Post-Holiday Blues, a guest post. Visit to get inspired and motivated after the holidays have ended.

At moments, the glittery, colorful Christmas lights twinkle like little rays of hope and we are lead to believe that – at Christmas and beyond, everything is possible. However, once the holidays are over we’re back to our regular lives not many are happy with. It’s not that we’re leading dull everyday lives, far from; it’s more that – we get so cozied up in the blissful holiday spirit that, for a second, we forget how plain a life can be with no Christmas lights and hot cocoa to warm the soul.

Good news though is that you are not alone, feeling blue post-holidays; we’ve all been there so many times (and, seemingly, always) that we’re learned to live with it (and master it), by now.

Here, a simple and very effective guide crafted on experience for all of you who are looking to undo your holiday blues and unplug Chat Baker’s “Not For Me” immediately (not that Baker’s not good, but he can ooze the blues).

Essential Guide to Dealing with Post-Holiday Blues, a guest post. Visit to get inspired and motivated after the holidays have ended.

Perk up your social life

We all love spending time on our own from time to time but getting way too comfortable with it may get infectious for the soul. Instead of turning your alone time into loneliness, perk up your social calendar and make sure you see as many people as possible. Naturally, chose to see those you actually love spending time with and you’ll be good.

Spending time with people whose presence lifts your spirits is an amazing mood booster, so it’s something worth investing in. Still, don’t always rely on someone else to make the plans; pick up the phone and give someone a call or be the one to initiate an outing. If you don’t feel like going out, even a chill day/night at home with that friend can be amazing!

Essential Guide to Dealing with Post-Holiday Blues, a guest post. Visit to get inspired and motivated after the holidays have ended.

Make those changes, already

You know all those little changes you’ve been penning down for months, promising yourself you’ll introduce them into your life the moment holidays are over? Well, start making those changes! The moment you do, you’ll feel distracted from holiday blues, you’ll feel motivated and you’ll do something wonderful for yourself. Don’t delay your self-improvement. Brave your fears and decisions, love yourself first.

Embrace therapy

If you feel like holiday time is just a trigger for some of your deeper issues and fears, maybe it’s time you’ve embraced therapy. There’s nothing shameful about wanting to help yourself, and there’s no better time to do it than the present.

Give power to family

Family is our core, our strength and the point of return no matter if things are good or bad; family comes first and it’s the thing keeping us alive (sorry if that resonates Godfather too much).Essential Guide to Dealing with Post-Holiday Blues, a guest post. Visit to get inspired and motivated after the holidays have ended.

Grab your little ones and go out to play their favorite games! If you prefer staying indoors, there’s a plenty things you can do: make an indoor picnic, build tents from old sheets, make a trampoline out of mattress on sale, read stories masked up in your kids’ favorite characters, watch movies… For those of you who don’t have kids, bond with your inner and extended family and their kids; go to lunches together, organize a little barbecue, coffee and cake, chit-chat gatherings… build a circle of people that will always love you while at the same time making wonderful memories.

Indulge yourself

A little self-indulgence can go a long way, especially after the holidays. If you feel like your body hasn’t been at your best, start going to the gym again or take up a sport that motivates you. Make appointments at the hair dresser, book massages and spa days, go for mani-pedis, shop for books, clothes, interior elements… anything that you know makes you happy. Picking up a hobby like painting, writing, yoga, design… or anything you know fills your soul with happiness may be very beneficial, too. Hey, and – travel! Alone or with someone, make sure you go around the country or out of the state (there are plenty of amazing deals these days) and you will see yourself blossom!Essential Guide to Dealing with Post-Holiday Blues, a guest post. Visit to get inspired and motivated after the holidays have ended.

In the upcoming days, make a list of all things you love about yourself and your life, and say your blessings. Then, turn to our advice for an extra nudge in the right direction – you’ll see how amazing everything will turn out!

Do you find yourself feeling a bit blue after the holidays have ended? What are some of your favorite ways to get over the slump?

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34 comments: On Essential Guide to Dealing with Post-Holiday Blues

  • This time of year is always tough for me as I had family deaths in January and February. This time, I’m focusing on improving me and staying focused, which is so important. Thank you for sharing these ideas! I will implement a couple of these for myself!

    • Tyane I am so sorry for your loss! My dad died in October of 2014. When that October roles around it is almost like his death happens all over again. But I agree that staying focused on how we can grow instead of focusing on the pain really does help. I am glad that this article was helpful for you. Hugs.

  • Quite the opposite, actually! I feel so happy the overwhelm and over-abunce of stuff ends.

    This year, I enjoyed the peace and quiet afterward,. And, I immediately donated our first round of old items and returned a good amount of toys the kids didn’t need or received duplicates of.

    Donating with my daughter really felt good, and I’m looking forward to doing another round in the near future. It gave me a greater sense of how blessed we are.

    • I love the idea of starting off the New Year by giving to others! I think that would be a great thing to do to help those who are dealing with the blues. Turning our focus onto others is good for the soul.

  • This is all such great advice. I’m lucky in that I don’t tend to get post holiday blues since the early part of the year is so busy and full of birthdays. But it’s totally good advice for any sort of blues, really!

  • These are great tips! I love the first tip! Being with friends can really help.

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  • I love the holidays, but I was happy they were over this year. We were so busy and out of routine. I was ready for our day to day routine back. I love the tips you share. They are important even when you’re just feeling blue any time of year. Thanks for sharing!

  • All wonderful tips! I’m lucky that I don’t tend to get post holiday blues as I always seem to be so busy and this keeps me motivated; however, I do soooo miss the holidays!

  • So true! This is the first year that I haven’t felt those post- holiday blues…but I truly attribute that to the fact that I’ve been making an effort to do every one of these things that you’ve added on this list! In that past, I have isolated myself and made myself feel worse, but this year I’ve made changes that have made a difference. <3

  • These are awesome tips – i was glad for things to calm down because we had a lot of visitors, and a lot of traveling to do

  • I’m always a little sad when we take down the tree and other decorations, but this year I have used it as a jumping off point for getting the house clean and clutter free. I feel like giving myself that goal has really helped.

  • This is such great advice! I hadn’t really thought about post-holiday blues, but I’ll bet for some people that’s really, really hard. There’s really no reason to keep all the good stuff for just one time of year. Plus, I’m all about mani-pedis for any occasion 😉

    • Thank you Georgina. I agree, no need to keep all the good stuff for one time of year. And moms should feel ok treating themselves to a mani-pedi every now and then. 🙂

  • Great advice! As an introvert, I’m kind of the opposite. I find all the holiday commotion and social obligations draining. But after the holidays, I’m refreshed and ready to go.

  • Love these tips! Friends and making time for indulging ourselves are wonderful things to do! Sometimes easier said than done!

  • I thought I was alone in the aftermath of Holidays! This is great advice. I’m all for self pampering with any excuse! Looking forward to next year…

    • Chelsea I have a feeling that many people experience some form of post holiday blues. And yet this is a subject that is rarely discussed. You are not alone. 🙂

  • I love what you said about just making the changes already. It’s so easy to put it off but often, it doesn’t take much effort to implement them and htere’s a huge return! Great points all around!

  • I always feel a little down right after the holidays and into the start of the New Year. I have to wrap my mind around the close of the year and perk myself up for the new one. Great tips on getting out of the funk!

  • It is really easy to get the blues after the holidays. I work in behavioral ward and my job is to keep everyone smile or at least that is part of it . That is what keeps me going but I see many that are wore out, tired and a bit depressed as well. Thanks for sharing great tips
    come see us at

  • These are really great tips! I know my kids were actually really sad when Christmas was over, so I tried to keep making the days special for them with activities. I also love the tip about starting new things, and even trying therapy.

    • Thank you Shann. This article is targeted at adults but I am really glad you mentioned your kids. They can experience post-holiday blues as well. Sounds like you did a great job helping them to transition back to daily life.

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