Gluten free overnight steel cut oats

Gluten free, egg free and dairy free overnight steel cut oats  

“What can you eat?”

When people hear our diet restrictions, they tend to ask this question. First of all eating gluten free, dairy free and egg free foods does take some extra work. But; once you learn how to work out the details, it is not so bad. I wanted to start a blog to share the things we are learning, and the foods we enjoy with other people.

Food allergies

Our journey began with my daughter. She was exclusively breastfeeding. However she began having eczema issues. Because of this my midwife suspected the eczema was probably related to my diet. We noticed that gluten was part of the problem. Therefore I removed gluten from my diet in the summer of 2015. Still my daughter’s skin issues lingered. In December of 2015 we decided to have allergy testing done. Turns out she has a sensitivity to gluten and eggs. I was not expecting to have to cut out eggs, my favorite go to breakfast! This took some getting used to.

My husband’s decision to cut out dairy and gluten has quite a long back story, I will tell the short version. During most of 2015 my husband was very sick. He almost died twice and needed two stomach surgeries. After his last surgery he began to pay very close attention to his body and what it was telling him. This close observing helped him notice that he experienced digestion issues and stomach pain after eating dairy and gluten. Therefore he made the decision to cut them out of his diet in January of 2016. Most of all he feels better than ever. Just because of this diet change! It has made quite an impact.

Time to make a diet decision

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When I found out I would have to stop eating eggs, I needed to find a new breakfast option. As a result, that is when we began eating steel cut oats. They are delicious, filling and have a nice nutty texture. There was just one problem, they take forever to cook! Thankfully I learned about overnight oatsThat is the easiest way to have a incredible gluten free breakfast.

This breakfast is extremely simple to make.

Add 1 cup oats to 4 cups of water. Add your desired seasonings.


This is my go to seasoning combo.


Bring to a boil and stir to combine all the seasoning into the oats.


Cover pot with a lid and let it set overnight.


In the morning it will look something like this. You can reheat on the stove. Be sure to give it a few good stirs as it reheats.


Add your favorite toppings. I like to add Nutiva Superseed blendcoaco nibs, honey, almonds and fresh fruit. For extra protein you can add yogurt. There are lots of delicious dairy free yogurt options available if you are avoiding dairy.

Overnight Gluten free steel cut oats. A time saving and delicious way to start your day. View the simple instructions at

In conclusion, my favorite oats are from Bobs Red Mill. Leftover oats can be stored in the fridge and are delicious reheated. I usually double this recipe and make two cups of oats which can lasts my husband and I four to five days. Since the topping options are endless, you can change it up often.

When we travel we always bring these oats with us to ensure we have a gluten free breakfast option. They are light and easy to pack in your luggage.

What is your go to morning breakfast?

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