Strollers, I tested out my favorite and hated it!

I found the perfect stroller.

Strollers. The story of when I tested out my "favorite" and hated it!

Previously, I wrote about how I came to discover the click connect stroller and car seat system. Once I had this realization I began to do my homework. After reading what seemed like every review ever written on click connect setups, I decided on the one. Weight, durability and ease of use where the things I was most concerned about.

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I added it to my Amazon Baby registry  and couldn’t be happier about my decision. A wise friend recommended going to Babies R’us and testing out the baby gear in person. So to the store we went. The main mission on this trip was to test out the stroller and car seat set that I wanted. There it was. The perfect click connect car seat and stroller combo. I couldn’t wait to push it around the store. Excitedly I began to push the perfect stroller around the store.

It was all wrong.

The car seat felt too hard. Baby needs at least a little padding right? The stroller was bulkier than I had anticipated. It was hard to navigate and I kept bumping into things. Folding it up was not as simple as all the videos made it look. My stomach dropped at the realization that I hated this once perfect stroller.
My sweet husband assured me we would find a great alternative and we began to test out all of the lightweight click connect stroller set ups. I remembered an instance where I saw a mama try to load her bulky stroller into her trunk. Poor dear had to pick it up three times before finally lifting it high enough to get in the truck. I am 5 1′ and knew that I did not want to deal with loading a bulky or extra heavy stroller.

The one.

We had a few top contenders but none of them were the one. We had made it through the entire stroller section, at the very end was a display with Graco’s new click connect set up. The Aire3. It was the one. The car seat seemed adequately padded. The stroller was easy to navigate, I didn’t bump into anything. It was easy to fold and it was not too heavy.

It was perfect!

After what felt like hours we had finally found what I was looking for. I remember feeling so tired but also excited at the same time. The moral of the story, test out your baby gear! If you are able to make it to a Babies R Us to play with the baby gear it is worth it. To make it less overwhelming you could focus on the big decisions one at a time. We spent nearly 2 hours in the stroller section, then we came back on a different day to tackle the next big thing on our list.

How bout you?

What are the items you thought you had to have but ended up not needing? Have you ever had the “perfect item” in mind only to try in person and hate it?

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