9 ways to Save money on Baby Gear

Everyone loves to save money!

So, you have your list of baby gear must haves! But how do you go about acquiring them with out breaking the bank???

So far in the baby gear series:

We discussed the overwhelm that can come when you begin your baby gear search. I shared the story of how I tested my favorite stroller in the store and found out I hated it. We left off with my list of top 10 baby gear must haves.
And today I am sharing one of my favorite things. Saving money!

9 ways to save money on baby gear

Here are 9 ways you can save money on baby gear.

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1. Test out your baby gear.

The first thing I recommend is to go test out the baby gear you are interested in at the store. As I learned in my stroller story, things may not always be the same in person as you imagine them to be online. If you are in an area that is far away from a store and need to order the item online be sure to test out the item once it arrives. Always be aware of the return policy on any purchases in case the product is not a good match.

2. Make a baby registry.

It seems very simple but something that is not always fully utilized. Always include your registry info in your baby shower invitations. If someone asks you what they can get you have them chose something from your registry. If you are a friend or family member of the mother to be save money on a larger gift by going in on the item together and split the cost. We registered on Amazon and Babies R’Us.

3. Join Amazon Prime.

Membership is $100 a year and in my opinion it is totally worth it! There are many benefits to being a prime member. Amazon family benefits of 15% off your baby registry and 20% off of diaper subscriptions. Free two day shipping on prime items. Free same day shipping, restaurant delivery and free prime now 2 hour delivery in eligible zip codes. Plus access to prime music and prime video. They offer a free 30 trial. If you are or your spouse are currently students you can sign up for 6 months free. But you do not have as many benefits with this form of sign up.

4. Sign up with Ebates.

Make money while you shop! We made back $180 last year just by purchasing through ebates. How does it work? It’s so simple! Ebates pays its member cash back when they shop through a partnering store online. In addition to awesome rebates they also hook there members up with some of the best coupons and deals around. Ebates is a great way to make money even if you don’t need baby gear. You can use my referral link and receive a $10 bonus on your first $25 worth of rebates. 

5. Attend baby consignment sales.

I had an overwhelming first consignment sale experience but I had no clue what I was looking for. Now that I have a good idea of things our family needs I love going to the sales. My favorite sale in the Portland area is Twice Around the Block. It is a good idea to have a list of items you would like to focus on finding. It can be really helpful to bring a friend. You can help each other with the littles and take turns shopping and standing in line if it is crazy busy. For extra savings find out if the sale has a bonus last day discount.

6. Shop at baby resale shops.

You can find some top quality items at baby resale shops at a fraction of the cost. Before I buy any used items I compare the resale price to the Amazon price. Most of the time the resales shop is cheaper but there have been a few cases that the item was nearly the same price brand new off of Amazon. It is always good to double check.

7. Buy used items online.

There are plenty of Facebook groups you can join to see what people have for sale in your area. Craigslist is always an option, you just have to be careful to make sure you are getting a good deal. I prefer to use the OfferUp app. You are able to do all communication through the app. You are also able to rate your experience with the seller. People want to have a good rating so there is more accountability than Craigslist. With all of these three methods use caution when buying or selling from someone you do not know and always meet in a public place.

8. Stop at Garage sales.

This can be a great way to find baby gear. Don’t be afraid to haggle. It’s part of the fun of garage sales! Always look over your items carefully before you buy them. Some things are past their prime and are not worth paying for. My favorite garage sale finding app is gsalr. You can see the location of the sale and the items they have listed. It can save lots of driving around time.

9. Borrow from a friend.

This needs to be done with class. You don’t want to go around to your friends and family begging for free stuff. One way to ask friends and family nicely is ask if they have gear they are planning to get rid of. I had many friends with items they were no longer using that they planned to donate. I gladly took it off their hands.

Do you like to save money?

Baby gear can get expensive really fast! Savings of any amount can help. These are some of our families favorite ways to save money on baby gear. I am always open to finding out new ways to save money. What are your favorite ways to save money on your baby gear?

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